Stroboscopic record of a quartz tuning fork vibration
(fundamental 32768 Hz mode), inspired by
A. Castellanos-Gomez, European J. Phys. 34 (1), 2013
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Expertise (?!) in the development of passive wireless acoustic transducers acting as sensors, with the SENSeOR company and the Time and Frequency department of the FEMTO-ST institute (Besançon, France), focuses on bulk- and surface-acoustic transducers and the associated RADAR-like electronics systems for the development of passive sensors interrogated through a wireless radiofrequency link. Previous activities (performed in IMEC, Leuven, Belgium, continued at FEMTO-ST) were concerned with the combination of Love mode surface acoustic wave sensors (SAW) [slides in French: presented 11/2006 at ENSL, France] (video of the presentation in French) and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) as well as quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) combination. Older work performed during my PhD includes noise analysis in a chaotic electronic circuit (Chua's circuit) and manipulation of nano/micrometric objects with AFM with force feedback (inclusion of an AFM in an SEM). I obtained my habilitation (HDR) in 2010 (manuscript and slides). I am currently an associate professor employed by the Université de Franche-Comté in Besançon, France, located at the Time and Frequency department of FEMTO-ST for my research activities.


ISS SSTV image ISS SSTV image ISS SSTV image SSTV images transmitted from the ISS and collected using a DVB-T dongle: FM demodulation from GNURadio connected to qsstv for image processing and display (April 2018). Template for the First French GNU Radio days describing the experimental setup.
A list of appearances of Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR) on television, most usually erroneous, or yet another reason not to trust television. Ground Penetrating RADAR in
  1. An advertisement stating that GSSI's GPR is used in Law & Order Special Victims Unit (S05E09: Control) so we start this list with a realistic depiction of GPR,
  2. Criminal Minds S01E14 (2006) (starting at 1365 seconds) with a beeping screen when the skeleton is seen. This reference was identified after reading From Criminal Minds to CSI: the rise of Ground Penetrating Radar in clandestine investigations (Aug. 2019),
  3. a radar profile starts Millennium (S02E15: Owls) and is actually not too bad. The radargram is again shown briefly on a screen later in the same episode.
  4. Columbo (Columbo likes the night life, end) looks like they are considering a SAR solution since even though the GPR is only moved in one direction, a 2-D image is generated,
  5. NCIS (episode 9, season 1, 31 min. from the beginning),
  6. CSI NY (episode 20, season 6, 1 min. 40 sec. from the beginning and episode 20, season 2).
  7. The newer seasons of the series (Season 14, Episode 18) is hardly better, with a radargram scrolling from top to bottom.
  8. CSI Miami (season 4, episode 18 -- Double Jeopardy -- and season 6, episode 18) is correct in the script but not in the image (shows a gun buried in concrete, but the actor speaks of a hyperbolic reflection, so ... half correct).
  9. Despite an initial attempt to get the science right in Bones (season 1, episode 7, 34 min 11 sec), the producers seem to have thought that the audience was not up to the task of thinking and reverted to the same idiocy as the other series (Bones (season 5, episode 1, 5 min. 38 sec) in which GPR even allows for identifying the material a reflector is made of.
  10. X-Files (season 1, epidosde 20) has an episode with a brief scene using GPR plotting on paper and a display on an echography-like screen not showing much other than noise (as observed in real life ? but why the cone-shaped field of view ? Scully: "An experienced operator attempts to differentiate if the signal is a body or is stone or a hole in the ground.").
  11. As opposed to the statement on the GSSI web page, I have not found reference to GPR in Jurassik Park, although there is a scene using seismic in which they detect centimeter-scale bones using meter-long waves (but then ... I have no expertise with seismic ...). I am greatful though to the GSSI Marketing Communications Manager for kindly providing the necessary information for locating the episode of Crossing Jordan, as stated on the GSSI web page and MTI web sites, for a brief reference to GPR and what looks like an actual, although static, radargram on the display.
  12. Hawaii Five-0 Season 2, Episode 7 (20 min. from beginning) needs 3 desktop LCD screens to display radargrams and beeps when bodies are "detected".
  13. Sanctuary (season 03, episode 16) does not bother showing the instrument but just mentions its existence.
  14. One "movie" refers to GPR, Return to House on Haunted Hill, but beyond exhibiting an inductively coupled metal detector, the movie is so bad that I did not bother checking if the GPR is actually used to find cavities.
  15. In the same vein, Flashpoint ("One Wrong Move") episode 14 of season 2, with a metal detector and some stuff glued to the coil.
  16. Lost Gold of WW2 (s01e06) (startingn at 405 s) is a real GPR radargram (finally !)
  17. In the "litterature", Dan Brown's Deception Point mentions GPR p.329 of the ebook version (Simon and Schuster, 2001): "Tolland helped her unpack the Ground Penetrating Radar and position it on the ice. The instrument looked like three miniature snowplow blades that had been affixed in parallel to an aluminum frame. The entire device was no more than a yard long and was connected by cables to a current attenuator and a marine battery on the sled.". So far so good, but then "Mike, I need to align the GPR transmitter with the meteorite site [...] All the work is in setup. The actual shot takes only a second." Wish it were ...


  1. Melvin Paquit, Lilia Arapan, Weike Feng, Jean-Michel Friedt
    Long range passive RADAR interrogation of subsurface acoustic passive wireless sensors using terrestrial television signals
    manuscript submitted to IEEE Sensors (01/2020)

  2. G. Goavec-Merou, P.-Y. Bourgeois, J.-M. Friedt
    Platform independent CPU/FPGA co-design: the OscImp-Digital framework
    FOSDEM 2020 (Free Software Radio devroom)

  3. J.-M Friedt, G. Goavec-Merou
    Un oscilloscope pour le traitement de signaux radiofréquences : gr-oscilloscope pour GNU Radio 3.7 et 3.8
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 234 (Feb. 2020)
    Software Defined Radio based scientific instrumentation using SDR frontends and oscilloscopes for fast measurements
    FOSDEM 2020 (Free Software Radio devroom)

  4. W. Feng, J.-M. Friedt, S. Wang, M. Sato
    Passive bistatic radar using digital terrestrial television broadcasting signal subsurface target detection
    PIERS2019 conference (Dec. 17-20 2019, Xiamen, China)
    published manuscript written by W. Feng

  5. J.-M Friedt, E. Carry, O. Testault
    Petites antennes réalisées par impression additive : de la conception à la visualisation des diagrammes de rayonnement (en vrai et en virtuel)
    Hackable n.31, pp.80-96 (Oct-Nov. 2019)

  6. J. Guo, W. Feng, J.-M. Friedt, Q. Zhao, and M. Sato,
    A half-cut compact monopole antenna for SFCW radar based concrete wall monitoring with a passive cooperative target
    IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters (2019)
    accepted manuscript and published version (DOI: 10.1109/LGRS.2019.2937968)

  7. J.-M Friedt
    European GNU Radio Days 2019
    GNU/Linux Magazine France vol 129 (2019)

  8. A. Hugeat, J. Bernard, G. Goavec-Merou, P.-Y. Bourgeois, J.-M. Friedt
    Filter optimization for real time digital processing of radiofrequency signals: application to oscillator metrology
    manuscript published in IEEE Trans. UFFC (2019)
    following the poster presentation
    A. Hugeat, J. Bernard, J.-M. Friedt, P.-Y. Bourgeois, G. Goavec-Merou
    Optimization of Signal Processing Chains: Application to Cascaded Filters
    manuscript for the 27th European Signal Processing Conference EUSIPCO (Coruna, Spain), 2019

  9. W. Feng, J.-M. Friedt, G. Nico, S. Wang, G. Martin and M. Sato
    Passive Bistatic Ground-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar: Concept, System, and Experiment Results
    manuscript published in MDPI Remote Sensing vol. 11 issue 15 (2019)

  10. J.-M Friedt
    Développer sur microcontrôleur sans microcontrôleur : les émulateurs
    GNU/Linux Magazine France HS 103 (Juillet-Aout 2019) manuscript

  11. P. Durdaut, A. Kittmann, E. Rubiola, J.-M. Friedt, E. Quandt, R. Knöchel, M. Höft
    Noise Analysis and Comparison of Phase- and Frequency-Detecting Readout Systems: Application to SAW Delay Line Magnetic Field Sensor
    IEEE Sensors vol 19, number 18, pp.8000--8008 (Sept. 2019), DOI: 10.1109/JSEN.2019.2914965
    manuscript written by P. Durdaut, and supplementary> material

  12. Jean-Michel Friedt, Weike Feng, Stéphane Chrétien, Gwenhael Goavec-Merou, Motoyuki Sato
    Passive radar for measuring passive sensors: direct signal interference suppression on FPGA using orthogonal matching pursuit and stochastic gradient descent
    SPIE Optical Metrology 2019 -- Multimodal Sensing and Artificial Intelligence: Technologies and Applications (Munich, Germany)

  13. W. Feng, J.-M. Friedt, G. Nico, G. Martin, M. Sato
    Passive bistatic SAR imaging and interferometry by satellite digital TV signal
    IEEE IGARSS 2019 (Yokohama, Japan)
    manuscript written by W. Feng

  14. W. Feng, J.-M. Friedt, G. Cherniak, Z. Hu, M. Sato
    Direct path interference suppression for short range passive bistatic SAR imaging based on atomic norm minimization and Vandermonde decomposition
    IET Radar, Sonar and Navigation (2019), 10.1049/iet-rsn.2018.5214
    manuscript written by W. Feng

  15. W. Feng, J.-M. Friedt, G. Nico, M. Sato
    Three-dimensional ground based imaging radar based on C-band cross-MIMO array and tensor compressive sensing
    IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters (2019), 10.1109/LGRS.2019.2906077
    manuscript written by W. Feng

  16. J.-M Friedt
    Quelques éléments théoriques pour aborder la radio logicielle
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 224 (Mars 2019)

  17. J.-M Friedt
    Matériel pour la radio logicielle
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 224 (Mars 2019)

  18. G. Goavec-Merou, J.-M Friedt, F. Meyer
    Leurrage du GPS par radio logicielle
    MISC HS (Feb. 2019)
    Spoofing GPS
    FOSDEM 2019 (Free Software Radio devroom)
    proceeding manuscript
  19. J.-M Friedt
    Decoding Meteor M2: QPSK, Viterbi, Reed Solomon and JPEG
    FOSDEM 2019 (Free Software Radio devroom)
    proceeding manuscript & slides
    Décodage d'images numériques issues de satellites météorologiques en orbite basse : le protocole LRPT de Meteor-M2 (en 3 parties)
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 226 (Mai 2019), 227 (Juin 2019), 228 (Juillet-Aout 2019)

  20. P. Durdaut, M. Höft, J.-M. Friedt, E. Rubiola
    Equivalence of Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Operation of SAW Resonators and Delay Lines
    MDPI Sensors, written by P. Durdaut (2019)

  21. A.C. Càrdenas-Olaya, C. Calosso, J.-M. Friedt, S. Micalizio, E. Rubiola
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  22. F. Gégot, J.-M Friedt, W. Feng, G. Goavec-Merou, G. Martin, M. Sato
    Noise RADAR and passive RADAR interrogation of passive wireless sensors
    SAW Symposium 2018 (Dresden, Germany)
    slides of the presentation

  23. PlutoSDR recording of 8 FM stations: initial settings using
    too narrow filter transition widths exceed available processing
    power (on purpose), yielding discontinous sound. Increasing the
    transition bandwidth allows for continuous sound output.
  24. W. Feng, J.-M Friedt, G. Goavec-Merou, M. Sato
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    IEEE Sensors vol 19, num 2, pp. 594--602 (Jan. 2019), doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2018.2872867

  25. J.-M Friedt
    Quelques éléments de traitement de signaux échantillonnés en temps discret avec GNU Radio
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 221 (Dec. 2018)
    manuscript English translation
    Élément bibliographique aidant à comprendre le traitement du signal effectué sur les données acquises par Airspy (extrait de F.J. Harris, "Multirate Signal Processing for Communication Systems")
  26. J.-M Friedt
    Interfaçage d'une radiocommande de modélisme à un simulateur de vol
    Hackable 26 (Sept-Oct. 2018), pp.30--43

  27. É. Bernard, J.-M Friedt, S. Schiavone, F. Tolle, M. Griselin
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    Land Degradation and Development, vol 19 num 10 pp3709-3720 (2018)
    manuscript published online (Sept. 2018)

  28. W. Feng, J.-M. Friedt, Z. Hu, G. Cherniak, M. Sato
    WiFi-based imaging for GPR applications: fundamental study and experimental results
    IET International RADAR conference (Nanjing, China, 2018)
    article published in IET Journal of Engineering (2019) (doi: 10.1049/joe.2019.0209)
  29. J.- M Friedt, W. Feng, G. Goavec-Merou, G. Martin, M. Sato
    Passive RADAR acoustic delay line sensor measurement: demonstration using a WiFi (2.4 GHz) emitter and WAIC-band (4.3 GHz)
    WiSEE conference (2018)
    slides and manuscript ; movie of the experiment including SAR localization of the sensor (not discussed in the manuscript). The presentation should be quite similar to the talk (video) given at the First French GNURadio Days held in Lyon (2-3 July, 2018).
  30. J.- M Friedt
    La peinture sur spectre radiofréquence, et l'effet capture de la modulation en fréquence -- ou pourquoi les avions communiquent encore en AM
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 216 (Juin 2018)
    French manuscrit
    English manuscript translation

  31. A. Hugeat, J. Bernard, G. Goavec-Merou, P.Y Bourgeois, J.-M Friedt
    Filter optimization for real time digital processing of radiofrequency signals: application to oscillator metrology
    manuscript for the IFCS 2018 conference (poster session)

  32. 36-hours long GRAVES RADAR recording from Besancon, 40-km
    east of GRAVES. X-axis is Doppler shift in Hz.
  33. J.-M Friedt
    RADAR passif par intercorrélation de signaux acquis par deux récepteurs de télévision numérique terrestre
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 212 pp.36- (Feb. 2018)

  34. D. Rabus, F. Minary, G. Martin, J.-M Friedt
    A high-stability dual-chip GPR for cooperative target probing
    manuscript for the GPR2018 conference proceedings

  35. W. Feng, J.-M Friedt, G. Cherniak, M. Sato
    Novel Algorithm for High Resolution Passive RADAR Imaging with ISDB-T Digital TV Signal
    IGARSS 2018 Conference
    manuscript written by W. Feng. (poster session)
    Passive radar imaging by filling gaps between ISDB digital TV channels
    IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (JSTARS) vol 12 issue 7, pp 2055-2068 (July 2019) (10.1109/JSTARS.2019.2891114)
    manuscript written by W. Feng.

  36. W. Feng, J.-M. Friedt, G. Cherniak, M. Sato
    Batch compressive sensing for passive radar range-Doppler map generation
    IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (2019) (10.1109/TAES.2019.2897474)

  37. W. Feng, G. Cherniak, J.-M Friedt, M. Sato
    Software defined radio implementation of passive RADAR using low-cost DVB-T receivers
    URSI-F#620 meeting (Dec. 13 2017, Tokyo, Japan)
    slides of the presentation and manuscript also presented at FOSDEM2018: (Yet another) passive RADAR using DVB-T receiver and SDR
    Passive radar range-Doppler map of a landing plane (cross-correlation)
    Passive radar range-Doppler map of a landing plane (auto-correlation: many artifact, but only requires one receiver)
    Passive radar range-Doppler map of a ship
    Video of the oral presentation given at FOSDEM2018.
    Extended version of the initial document yielding the manuscript published in Rev. Sci. Instrum. vol.89, 104701 (Sept. 2018)
    Gnuradio-companion flowgraph for demonstrating on synthetic signals the principle of passive RADAR.

  38. J.M Friedt, D. Rabus, G. Martin, F. Chérioux, M. Sato
    Acoustic wave transducers as Ground Penetrating RADAR cooperative targets for sensing applications
    French-Japanese Week on Disaster Risk Reduction (Oct. 05 2017, Tokyo, Japan)
    slides of the presentation and manuscript

  39. Click on image to access the 3D model
  40. J.M. Friedt
    Mesure stroboscopique du champ de déplacement d'un diapason à quartz au moyen d'une carte son et d'une webcam
    manuscript Bull. de l'Union des Physiciens 999 (Dec. 2017)

  41. J.-M. Friedt, G. Martin, G. Goavec-Merou, D. Rabus, S. Alzuaga, L. Arapan, M. Sagnard, É. Carry
    Acoustic transducers as passive cooperative targets for wireless sensing the sub-surface world: challenges of probing with Ground Penetrating RADAR
    article published in MDPI Sensors vol 18, num 1, p.246 (Jan. 2018)

  42. G. Goavec-Merou, J.-M. Friedt
    Un environnement exécutif visant la compatibilité POSIX : NuttX pour contrôler un analyseur de réseau à base de STM32
    GNU/Linux Magazine France (Dec. 2017)
    Manuscrit (French)

  43. B. Ossété-Gombé, G. Goavec Merou, K. Breschi, H. Guyennet, J.-M. Friedt, V. Felea & K. Medjaher
    A SAW Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Industrial Predictive Maintenance
    Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing (2017)

  44. A.C. Càrdenas-Olaya, E. Rubiola, J.-M., Friedt, P.-Y. Bourgeois, M. Ortolano, S. Micalizio, & C.E. Calosso
    Noise Characterization of Analog to Digital Converters for Amplitude and Phase Noise Measurements
    manuscript written by C. Càrdenas-Olaya, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 88 (6), pp.065108 (Jun. 2017)

  45. Q. Macé, J.-M Friedt
    FreeRTOS : application à la réalisation d'un analyseur de réseau numérique sur STM32
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 207 (Sept. 2017)

  46. RDS decoding without digital clock recovery
    (carrier recovery Costas output only)

    RDS decoding WITH digital clock recovery
    Décodage RDS avec asservissement de l'horloge
    du signal numérique
    J.-M Friedt
    Radio Data System (RDS) -- analyse du canal numérique transmis par les stations radio FM commerciales, introduction aux codes correcteurs d'erreur
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 204 (May 2017)
    archive contenant un exemple d'acquisition en sortie du block de correction d'horloge, et script GNU/Octave de traitement.
    archive including an acquisition following the digital clock recovery block, and GNU/Octave for processing.
    manuscript (French) and English translation of the article.
    Erreur : contrairement à ce qui est dit dans l'article, le décodage de 2 bits erronés ne fonctionne pas toujours. Des lignes dans la matrice de décodage pour le cas 2 bits sont redondantes (e.g. le cas des bits 3 et 8 est identique au cas où 26 et 15 sont modifiés lors de la transmission).
    Erratum publié dans GLMF 214 (Avril 2018) en complément de l'article de G. Royer.
  47. J.-M Friedt
    Creating georeferenced digital elevation models from unmanned aerial vehicle images
    FOSDEM2017: Video of the presentation and slides.
  48. J.-M. Friedt, C. Eustache, E. Rubiola
    Décodage logiciel du signal de transfert de temps par DCF77 : introduction à la radio définie par logiciel au moyen d'une carte son
    manuscrit conférence CETSIS 2017
    FOSDEM2017 presentation.
    Video of the FOSDEM2017 talk entitled Monitoring the ionosphere altitude variation with a sound card: software defined radio processing of DCF-77 signals
    J.-M Friedt, C. Eustache, É. Carry, E. Rubiola
    Software defined radio decoding of DCF77: time and frequency dissemination with a sound card
    manuscript of the article published in Radio Science Vol 53, Num. 1, pp.48-61 (Jan 2018)
    Datasets collected from beginning of Nov. 2016 until Apr. 2019: time delay between 1-PPS and DCF77 phase correlation maximum (1-s marker) in the moyenne4 file, and frequency offset between the sound card local oscillator and DCF77 carrier. See readme file for a detailed description. Also includes a GNU/Octave script for plotting data (go.m).
  49. É. Carry, J.-M. Friedt
    L'environnement Arduino est-il approprié pour enseigner l'électronique embarquée ?
    manuscrit conférence CETSIS 2017

  50. E. Bernard, J.-M. Friedt, C. Marlin, F. Tolle, M. Griselin, A. Prokop
    Investigating snowpack volumes and icing dynamics in the moraine of an Arctic catchment using UAV/photogrammetry and LiDAR
    Photogrammetric Record 32 (160), (2017)
    manuscript (low resolution, small size)

  51. C. Marlin, F. Tolle, M. Griselin, E. Bernard, A. Saintenoy, M. Quenet, J.-M. Friedt
    Change in Geometry of a High Arctic glacier from 1948 to 2013 (Austre Lovénbreen, Svalbard)
    manuscript and published version Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography (2017)

  52. J.-M Friedt, A. Hugeat, S. Lamare, F. Chérioux, D. Rabus, L. Arapan, S. Alzuaga
    Subsurface wireless chemical sensing strategy compatible with Ground Penetrating RADAR
    manuscript for the proceedings IWAGPR2017 (June 2017) and slides.

  53. R. Boudot, G. Martin, J.-M Friedt, E. Rubiola
    Frequency flicker of 2.3 GHz AlN-Sapphire high-overtone bulk acoustic resonators
    manuscript and published version, J. Appl. Phys. vol. 120, issue 22, p.224903 (2016)

  54. J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    Dissémination de données géoréférencées -- qgis-server et openlayers
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 200 (Janvier 2017), pp.12-22
    Exemple de serveur qgis sur
    Exercice : lancer firebug et dans console -> all, observer les erreurs liées à la requête vers les données stockées sur (same origin policy).
    Exemple de client openlayers3 (source) pour rechercher toutes les couches WFS et WMS sur le serveur (la fonction LayerSwitcher ne fonctionnait pas avec OpenLayers3 au moment de la rédaction du manuscrit).
    Idem pour MNT et orthophotos à Besançon
    Exemple en HTML incluant des photographies géoréférencées au travers d'un fichier de description en KML tel que décrit dans Openlayers3: beginner's guide.

  55. J.-M Friedt
    Modification des appels systèmes du noyau Linux : manipulation de la mémoire du noyau
    Hors Série 87 GNU/Linux Magazine France, Novembre 2016
    manuscrit et codes associés

  56. J.-M Friedt
    Modélisation et utilisation d'une parabole : application au wifi
    Opensilicium 20 (Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2016), pp.44-55
    Sébastien Euphrasie a noté une erreur sur la simulation hors-axe du réflecteur sphérique : la bissectrice (normale à la surface) doit être la même dans ou hors axe, ce qui n'est pas le cas. La version corrigée de cette figure (erreur d'addition au lieu de soustraction de l'angle hors-axe). Le cas de la parabole semble correct (attention aux axes qui n'ont pas la même taille en abscisse et ordonnée).
  57. E. Bernard, J.M. Friedt, F. Tolle, Ch. Marlin, M. Griselin
    Using a small COTS UAV to quantify moraine dynamics induced by climate shift in Arctic environments.
    International Journal of Remote Sensing (IJRS) vol. 38, (8-10), pp.2480-2494 (2017), 10.1080/01431161.2016.1249310
    manuscript (Nov. 2016) and published version

  58. F. Minary, D. Rabus, G. Martin, J.-M. Friedt
    Note: a dual-chip stroboscopic pulsed RADAR for probing passive sensors
    Review of Scientific Instruments vol.87, p.096104 (2016), DOI:

  59. J.-M Friedt
    Recherche de motifs géométriques dans une image : la transformée de Hough
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 197 (Octobre 2016), pp.22-33
    Page complémentaire au manuscrit

  60. N. G. Semaltianos, J. M. Friedt, R. Chassagnone, V. Moutarlier, V. Blondeau-Patissier, G. Combe, M. Assoul, G. Monteil
    Oxide or carbide nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation of a bulk Hf target in liquids and their structural, optical and dielectric properties
    manuscript J. Appl. Phys., Vol.119, Issue 20 (2016), DOI: 10.1063/1.4951740
    (with my contribution being the measurement of the capacitance of the nanoparticle layer for the computation of its relative permittivity).
    Now rather than allowing for providing the formatted article, AIP kindly allows to share our own manuscript: "In accordance with our License to Publish Agreement with Authors, AIP Publishing encourages you to post and share the Accepted Manuscript immediately after acceptance, enabling you to remain fully compliant with institutional, government and funding agency requirements and open access mandates."
  61. J.-M Friedt, L. Francis
    Combined surface acoustic wave and surface plasmon resonance measurement of collagen and fibrinogen layers
    Sensing and Bio-sensing Research, 2016,
    available online.

    manuscript or arXiv physics/0310096
  62. A. Godet, J.-M Friedt, S. Dembélé, N. Piat, A. Khelif, P. Vairac, J. Agnus, P.Y. Bourgeois, G. Goavec-Merou
    Mapping acoustic field distributions of VHF to SHF SAW transducers using a Scanning Electron Microscope
    proceeding and poster for the 30th EFTF conference (York, England, April 4th-7th 2016).
  63. J.-M Friedt
    Passive cooperative targets for subsurface physical and chemical measurements

    manuscript for the GPR2016 proceedings (Hong Kong)
    Passive cooperative targets for subsurface physical and chemical measurements: a systems perspective
    manuscript, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters vol 14, issue 6, pp.821-825 (2017)

  64. J.-M Friedt, E. Bernard, F. Tolle
    Utilisation de Micmac pour la génération de modèle numérique d'élévation par traitement d'images acquises par microdrone

    manuscript (in French) for GNU/Linux Magazine 191 (March 2016), pp.48-57
    and slides of an internal presentation (in French), FOSS4G-fr tutorial web page [in French].
    An example web page using qgis-server for exporting georeferenced data through the web.
    English translation of the article.
  65. J.-M Friedt
    Wideband measurement strategies: from RADAR to passive wireless sensors ... and how passive wireless sensors were/are used by intelligence agencies.

    slides of the presentation at FOSDEM2016 (Brussels, Belgium): oral presentation.
    tarball of the GRC graph, associated processing blocks, and Atmega32U4 PWM/RS232 generating code.
  66. T. Daugey, J.-M. Friedt, G. Martin, and R. Boudot
    A HBAR-oscillator-based 4.596 GHz frequency source: Application to a coherent population trapping Cs vapor cell atomic clock

    Rev. Sci. Instrum. vol 86, num. 11, p. 114703 (2015)
    manuscript and supplementary material including one of the answers to the reviews concerning the phase noise of the amplifier (figure not included in the main article).

  67. D. Rabus, J.M. Friedt, S. Ballandras, T. Baron, E. Lebrasseur, and É. Carry
    High-overtone Bulk-Acoustic Resonator gravimetric sensitivity: towards wideband acoustic spectroscopy
    J. Appl. Phys. 118, 114505 (2015)
    manuscript with minor corrections in red

  68. J.-M Friedt
    Cartographier le bout du monde
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 185 (Sept. 2015)

  69. J.-M Friedt, G. Cabodevila
    Exploitation de signaux des satellites GPS reçus par récepteur de télévision numérique terrestre DVB-T

    OpenSilicium 15, Juillet-Sept. 2015, cours d'automatique G. Cabodevila en référence de l'article, et manuscrit (in French)

    English translation of the article, entitled "Decoding GPS satellite signals received by terrestrial digital video-broadcast (DVB-T) receivers" for the European Frequency and Time Seminar (EFTS) + slides presented during the lab sessions of EFTS. Some extension on the use of DVB-T -- limited to 2.4 MS/s or practically 2.046 MS/s to exactly match the Nyquist sampling rate of GPS signals -- is concerned with the use of the (now discontinued) GN3S v.2 dongle. Although "retired", the authors of gnss-sdr have kept the driver up to date which has been used in our latest (July 2015) experiments as summarized here.
    This article is a sequel to the presentation:
    S. Martinez Gutierrez, J.-M Friedt, G. Cabodevila, P.Y Bourgeois, E. Rubiola
    Software Defined Radio for processing GNSS signals
    slides presented at FOSDEM 2015 and archive of data and scripts. Video recorded during the talk.

  70. Sound from the ISS/Signal depuis l'ISS

    Multiplexed broadcast FM reception
    Réceptions simultanées sur la bande FM commerciale
    J.-M Friedt
    La réception de signaux venus de l'espace par récepteur de télévision numérique terrestre
    OpenSilicium 13(Dec 2014/Jan-Fev 2015)

    erreur sur la Fig. 14 : 136,8+1,4=138,2 et non 140,2 ! Mais NOAA18 reste sous cette borne, donc le texte reste juste.
  71. J.-M Friedt, A. Hugeat
    A low cost approach to acoustic filters acting as GPR cooperative targets for passive sensing
    manuscript for the proceedings of IWAGPR 2015 (Firenze, Italy), and associated slides.
    An extended version of the slides prepared for an internal seminar at ISTerre laboratory (Grenoble, France).
  72. A. Bontempi, D. Teyssieux, J.-M. Friedt, L. Thiery, D. Hermelin, P. Vairac
    Photo-thermoelastic Quartz Tuning Fork excitation for Dynamic Mode Atomic Force Microscope

    Appl. Phys. Lett. vol. 154104, p.154104 (2014)
    Laser output power used during the experiment: 70 mW
  73. B. François, J.-M. Friedt, G. Martin, S. Ballandras
    High temperature packaging for surface acoustic wave transducers acting as passive wireless sensors
    Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol. 224 (2015), pp.6-13


  74. Un film résumant l'insertion d'un nuage de points 3D
    issu de Micmac dans QGis.
    A movie illustrating how to insert a 3D point cloud generated
    by Micmac in QGis.
    J.-M Friedt
    Reconstruction de structures tridimensionnelles par photographies : le logiciel MicMac
    OpenSilicium 12 (Sept-Oct-Nov 2014)
    manuscrit et transparents pour une présentation à Sequanux.
    English translation for the 13th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium (2014, Reykjavik, Iceland) and the slides of the presentation we gave about "Assessment of photogrammetry Structure-from-Motion compared to terrestrial LiDAR scanning for generating Digital Elevation Models -- Example in a polar basin, Spitsbergen 79oN" (E. Bernard, J.-M Friedt, A. Prokop, F. Tolle, M. Griselin).
    "Gestion d'Informations Spatialisées : outils libres pour l'exploitation de données géolocalisées -- au-delà des aspects géographiques" pour la conférence CETSIS2014.
    Granvelle 3D
    WebGL based point cloud browser: WARNING, chances are that your web browser will crash when accessing this webpage (Chromium 35.0.1916.153 to 52.0.2743.116 works fine on a Debian/GNU Linux computer, Iceweasel 30.0 crashes on the same computer and 45.2 is unable to render the display).
    Two tutorials on processing UAV pictures for DEM extraction, over the Besancon observatory and in Spitsbergen.
  75. J.-M. Friedt, R. Boudot, G. Martin, S. Ballandras
    Probing a dielectric resonator acting as passive sensor through a wireless microwave link

    Rev. Sci. Instrum. vol. 85, num. 9, pp. 024409RSI (2014)
    manuscript and proof of the article.
  76. J.-M Friedt
    Le télescope à particules cosmiques : principe de la mesure par coincidence
    Opensilicium 11 (Juin-Juillet-Aout 2014) manuscript [in French]

  77. G. Goavec-Merou, J.-M Friedt
    GNURadio as a general purpose digital signal processing environment
    FOSDEM 2014
    slides of the presentation and link to the video. Notice that Sylvain Munault and Harald Welte mentioned a mistake in my statement: although the Elonics E4000 is no longer available, osmosdr will keep on running with all the other DVB-T chips and most significantly the R820T.
    G. Matten, J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    Prototypage de traitements numériques de signaux au moyen d'un outil libre : GNURadio
    document for the CETSIS2014 conference, published in Journal sur l'enseignement des sciences et technologies de l'information et des systèmes (J3EA, in French).

  78. N. Chrétien, J.-M. Friedt, G. Martin
    Local oscillator phase noise limitation on the resolution of acoustic delay line wireless passive sensor measurement
    Rev. Sci. Instrum., vol. 85, n.6, 065001 (2014)
    manuscript and published article.
  79. N. Chrétien, J.-M. Friedt, G. Martin, S. Ballandras
    Acoustic transducers as passive sensors probed through a wireless radiofrequency link
    Instrumentation, Mesure, Métrologie (I2m), vol 13, num3-4 (2013), pp.159-178
  80. J.-M Friedt
    Quelques considérations sur les particules ionisantes présentes en haute altitude -- aspects expérimentaux et d'analyses de données
    Opensilicium vol. 9 (Dec 2013-Jan-Fev 2014), pp.28-39
    Le programme geiger.c utilisé pour enregistrer les coups du compteur sur un port série virtuel (convertisseur USB-série) sous GNU/Linux, modifié pour réinitialiser le module noyau du port série lors d'une déconnexion alors que le compteur tourne (cas fréquent lorsque le compteur et l'ordinateur sont dans un sac à dos). Remplacer le nom du module noyau si un autre adaptateur est utilisé (ici PL2303).
  81. J.-M Friedt
    Correction géométrique d'images prises en vue oblique -- projection sur modèle numérique d'elévation pour exploitation quantitative de photographies numériques
    GNU/Linux Magazine France n.167, Janvier 2014, pp.42-57
    manuscrit Complements concerning the cast shadow calculation.
    Référence manquante/missing reference worth checking (new 25-m European DEM + r.sun usage), added following the manuscript submission..
    Three free sources of DEM are available for these tests: SRTM, EU-DEM which combines SRTM with ASTER, and the French mapping agency IGN (for the latter, Lambert 93 projection is indicated to QGis using the epsg2154 coordinate transformation system). Difference between each 2 of these DEM shows small (less than 5 m) discrepencies over flat areas -- Mer de Glace and Chamonix valley -- the discrepencies can be up to 190 m in the steepest part of the Mont Blanc area.
  82. G. Goavec-Merou, N. Chrétien, J.-M Friedt, P. Sandoz, G. Martin, M. Lenczner, S.Ballandras
    Fast contactless vibrating structure characterization using real time FPGA-based digital signal processing: demonstrations with a passive wireless acoustic delay line probe and vision
    Rev. Sci. Instrum Vol 85, issue 1, Jan. 2014, pp.015109
    published version. "Under AIP policy, you have the right to post this article on your personal web page or your employer's website, provided you include the appropriate copyright and a web link to AIP's official online abstract, as indicated by the URL above."

  83. J.-M Friedt
    Hacking the radiofrequency spectrum: GNURadio as a signal processing prototyping tool
    OHM 2013 (Observe, Hack, Make) (The Netherlands, 31 Jul-04 Aug. 2013)
    slides of the presentation and recorded talk on Youtube online thanks to the organizers of the conference.
  84. J.-M Friedt, A. Saintenoy, T. Baron, E. Lebrasseur, T. Laroche, S. Ballandras, M. Griselin
    High-overtone Bulk Acoustic Resonator as passive sensor acting as buried cooperative target interrogated by Ground Penetrating RADAR
    Manuscript for the proceedings and slides of 2013 IFCS (Prague, Czech Rep.)
  85. D. Teyssieux, T. Baron, J.-M. Friedt, G. Martin, P. Vairac
    Absolute phase and amplitude mapping of surface acoustic wave fields
    Manuscript for the proceedings of 2013 IFCS (Prague, Czech Rep.)
  86. N. Chrétien, J.-M. Friedt, G. Martin, S. Ballandras
    A stroboscopic approach to surface acoustic wave delay line interrogation
    Manuscript for the proceedings of 2013 IFCS (Prague, Czech Rep.)

  87. J.-M Friedt
    GNURadio as a digital signal processing environment: application to acoustic wireless sensor measurement and time & frequency analysis of periodic signals
    Manuscript for the proceedings and poster presented at 2013 IFCS (Prague, Czech Rep.)
  88. J. Marc, C. Canard, A. Vailly, V. Pichery, J.-M. Friedt
    Le diapason à quartz comme capteur : utilisation de la carte son de PC pour l'instrumentation
    Bulletin de l'Union des Physiciens Vol 107, num 958, pp.1051-1076 (2013)
    Film de la manip (signal généré par GNURadio, affichage sur oscilloscope), et image VirtualBox d'une distribution Debian/GNU Linux contenant GNURadio (configuré pour clavier azerty).
  89. J.-M Friedt, A. Saintenoy, S. Chrétien, T. Baron, E. Lebrasseur, T. Laroche, S. Ballandras, M. Griselin
    High-overtone Bulk Acoustic Resonator as passive Ground Penetrating RADAR cooperative targets
    manuscript J. Appl. Phys., vol 113, num. 13, pp. 134904 (2013)
    published version ("We are also pleased to send you a complimentary copy of your article in PDF form. Under AIP policy, you have the right to post this article on your personal web page...") with the direct link to the AIP web page.

  90. E. Bernard, J.-M. Friedt, A. Saintenoy, F. Tolle, M. Griselin, C. Marlin
    Where does a glacier end ? GPR measurements to identify the limits between the slopes and the real glacier area. Application to the Austre Lovénbreen, Spitsbergen -- 79o N
    manuscript International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation (special issue on "Polar regions in transformation"), vol 27, pp. 100-108 (2014)
    (online 19 August 2013))

  91. Recording ACARS messages
    and voice communication:
    with narrowband filter.

    Recording ACARS messages
    and voice communication:
    no narrowband filter.
    J.-M Friedt, G. Goavec-Merou
    La réception radiofréquence définie par logiciel (Software Defined Radio -- SDR)
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 153 (Octobre 2012), pp.4-33
    The article (also translated to English) focuses on implementations of digital processing algorithms on GNURadio 3.6: a port of the ACARS decoding software to GNURadio 3.7 is available at Sourceforge web site. Although the detailed implementation has changed, the basics remain the same and so does the general development method described.
    J.-M Friedt
    Radiofrequency communication on a budget: a software approach
    Invited at First EPS conference "Physics for Development" Research in Physics - Physics applications - Education 11-12 October Palais des Académies (Brussels, Belgium)
    slides and a quick addition concerning the use of opensource software for data processing

  92. G. Goavec-Merou, K. Breshi, G. Martin, S. Ballandras, J. Bernard, C. Droit, J.-M Friedt
    Multipurpose use of radiofrequency sources for probing passive wireless sensors and routing digital messages in a wireless sensor network
    eWise workshop, at IEEE iThings conference, Besançon, Nov. 2012
    slides and manuscript of the proceeding.

  93. J.-M Friedt, N. Chrétien, T. Baron, E. Lebrasseur, G. Martin, S. Ballandras
    High-overtone Bulk Acoustic Resonator (HBAR) as passive sensor: towards microwave wireless interrogation
    eWise workshop, at IEEE iThings conference, Besançon, Nov. 2012
    slides and manuscript of the proceeding.

  94. J.-M Friedt
    Introduction au langage PostScript
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 152 (Septembre 2012), pp.60-70
    manuscrit de l'article corrigé de l'absence des codes d'exemple de la fractale de Mandelbrot et du diagramme de bifurcation de Feigenbaum .
    Un fascicule rédigé pour Science en Fete 1997, dont une section (pp.11-14) par E. Jalade décrit le pavage de Penrose, et code postscript associé par C. Papazian.

  95. T. Laroche, G. Martin, W. Daniau, S. Ballandras, J.-M. Friedt, J.-F. Leguen
    A Coupled-Mode Filter Structure for Wireless Transceiver-Sensors using Reactive Loads
    IFCS 2012 (Baltimore, USA)
    manuscript for the proceedings (by S. Ballandras)
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    IFCS 2012 (Baltimore, USA)
    poster and manuscript for the proceedings
  97. T. Rétornaz, N. Chrétien, J.-M Friedt, G. Martin, S. Ballandras
    Time reversal: a flexible approach for identifying and measuring surface acoustic wave delay lines acting as wireless, passive sensors
    IFCS 2012 (Baltimore, USA)
    poster and manuscript for the proceedings
  98. N. Chrétien, J.-M Friedt, S. Ballandras, B. Francois, G. Martin, P. Varshney
    On the need for low phase noise oscillators for wireless passive sensor probing
    manuscript Sensorcomm 2012 (Rome, Italy, Aug. 2012) following an internal lab presentation on the influence of oscillator phase noise on wireless passive sensor measurement resolution using a wireless link.

  99. C. Droit, J.-M.Friedt G. Goavec-Merou, G. Martin, S. Ballandras, K. Breschi Jimenez-Ramirez, J. Bernard, H. Guyennet
    Radiofrequency transceiver for probing SAW sensors and communicating through a wireless sensor network
    manuscript Sensorcomm 2012 (Rome, Italy, Aug. 2012)
  100. J.- M Friedt, G. Goavec-Merou
    Traitement du signal sur système embarqué -- application au RADAR à onde continue
    GNU/Linux Magazine France n.149 (Mai 2012)
    Une photographie de la manip avec le ventilateur dont les pales sont couvertes d'adhésif métallisé
  101. G. Goavec-Merou, J.-M Friedt
    Le microcontroleur STM32 : un coeur ARM Cortex-M3
    GNU/Linux Magazine France n.148 (Avril 2012)
  102. J.-M Friedt, C. Droit, S. Ballandras, S. Alzuaga, G. Martin, P. Sandoz
    Remote vibration measurement: a wireless passive surface acoustic wave resonator fast probing strategy
    manuscript of the article published in Rev. Sci. Instrum. vol. 83, p.055001 (May 1st 2012)
    Link to the AIP web site.
    Error in the caption of Fig. 1: C1 is 0.56 fF (as correctly noted in the supplementary material). Possible error in the caption of Fig. 3: I am not sure where the 362 Hz comes from, the calculation in the text is correct and so is the stress value mentioned in the caption.
  103. T. Rétornaz, J.-M Friedt, S. Alzuaga, T. Baron, E. Lebrasseur, G. Martin, T. Laroche, S. Ballandras, M. Griselin, J.-P. Simonnet
    Piezoelectric radiofrequency transducers as passive buried sensors
    manuscript and proof of Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation -- Special Issue on Civil Eng. Applications of GPR vol.27 num.3 pp.209-218 (10/2011, revised 01/2012, online May 21 2012)
  104. E. Bernard, J.-M Friedt, G. Martin, M. Griselin, C. Marlin
    La photographie terrestre haute résolution pour quantifier les dynamiques nivales de versants : l'exemple d'un bassin glaciaire arctique (Loven Est, Spitsberg, 79oN)
    La Houille Blanche Num. 5, pp. 20-28, Nov. 2011
  105. D. Rabus, T. Baron, E. Lebrasseur, S. Alzuaga, G. Martin, S. Ballandras, J.-M. Friedt
    Novel Narrowband Acoustic Sensors for Sub-GHz Wireless Measurements
    IEEE Sensors conference (Limerick, Ireland from 28-31 October 2011)
    manuscript for the proceedings
    slides of the oral presentations
    A slightly extended version prepared for an Energy Harvesting Workshop organized by the French embassy in Japan (7-9 Nov. 2011) and the Indo-French Symposium on Sensors Technologies and Systems (IIT Delhi, 1-4 March 2012)
  106. E. Bernard, J.-M Friedt, F. Tolle, M. Griselin, G. Martin, D. Laffly, C. Marlin
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    ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Vol. 75, January 2013, pp. 92-100
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    Fast Correlation Technique for Glacier Flow Monitoring by Digital Camera and Space-borne SAR Images
    EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing Vol. 11, doi:10.1186/1687-5281-2011-11
  108. J.-M Friedt
    Auto et intercorrélation, recherche de ressemblance dans les signaux : application à l'identification d'images floutées
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 139 (Juin 2011)
    Une référence qui mérite à être citée et oubliée dans la biblio.
  109. E. Bernard, J.-M Friedt, F. Tolle, C. Marlin, M. Griselin
    Using ground based high resolution photography for seasonal snow and ice dynamics (Austre Lovénbreen, Svalbard, 79oN)
    Alpine Glaciological Meeting (AGM) 2011, Munchen, Germany
    slides of the presentation
  110. A. Saintenoy, J.-M. Friedt, F. Tolle, E. Bernard, D. Laffly, C. Marlin, M. Griselin
    High density coverage investigation of The Austre LovénBreen (Svalbard) using Ground Penetrating Radar
    6th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (IWAGPR), 2011 (22-24 June 2011, Aachen, Germany)
    article for the proceedings of the conference
    A. Saintenoy, J.-M. Friedt, A. D. Booth, F. Tolle, E. Bernard, D. Laffly, C. Marlin, M. Griselin
    Deriving ice thickness, glacier volume and bedrock morphology of the Austre Lovénbreen (Svalbard) using Ground-penetrating Radar
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    Piezoelectric radiofrequency transducers as passive buried sensors
    RADCOM 2011, Hamburg, Germany

    slides of the oral presentation
  112. T Rétornaz, J.-M Friedt, S. Alzuaga, T. Baron, G. Martin, T. Laroche, S. Ballandras, M. Griselin, J.-M. Simonnet,
    Piezoelectric radiofrequency transducers as passive buried sensors
    European Geophysical Union (EGU) 2011, Vienna, Austria
    abstract and associated poster
  113. F. Kardous, L. El Fissi, J-M Friedt, F. Bastien, W. Boireau, R. Yahiaoui, JF. Manceau, S. Ballandras
    Integrated active mixing and biosensing using low frequency vibrating mixer and Love-wave sensor for real time detection of antibody binding event
    Journal of Applied Physics vol. 109, 094701 (2011)
    manuscript including corrections following the comments of the reviewer, and final copy.
    direct link to AIP
  114. G. Goave-Merou, J.-M Friedt
    Développement pour iPod Touch sous GNU/Linux : application à la communication par liaison Bluetooth
    GNU/Linux Magazine France Hors Série 51 (Dec 2010-Jan 2011), pp.34-53
    sample software
    As an example of a MobileTerminal application (grabbed using uishoot), SatTrack compiled for iPod Touch 3G using the iphonedevonlinux toolchain: put the SatTrack directory in $HOME (either /var/mobile or /var/root, depending on which user you are using), cd SatTrack/run and ./sattrack to predict NOAA 18 passes (default configuration, see data/defaults0.dat)
  115. J.-M Friedt
    Introduction à SPICE3 : simulation de circuits électroniques, et au-delà
    OpenSilicum 1 (Janvier-Mars 2011)
    archive des exemples
    transparents de Rémi Brendel (professeur ENSMM) sur WinSpice, dont la trame a servi de référence à mon document
  116. J.-M Friedt, T. Rétornaz, S. Alzuaga, T. Baron, G. Martin, T. Laroche, S. Ballandras, M. Griselin, J.-P. Simonnet
    Surface Acoustic Wave Devices as Passive Buried Sensors
    Journal of Applied Physics vol. 109, issue 3, p. 034905 (02/2011)
    proof of the article
    error in item 3 of the 7th page of the article: the FSPL cannot be λ^2/d^4 (not homogeneous). I have forgotten to include the radar cross section ~ λ^2 in the equation, which should read FSPL ~ λ^4/d^4 (will not change the conclusion)
    Oct. 2016: possible error in the computation of the peak power. I use 360V (avalanche transistor bias voltage) squared/70 ohms. However the capacitor at the collector of the avalanche transistor accumulates charges through the current limiting resistor until the avalanche threshold voltage is reached, typically around 60V. If such a condition is met, then the peak power is only 60*60/70~50 W.
  117. R. Fallourd, F. Vernier, J.-M. Friedt, G. Martin, E. Trouvé, L. Moreau, J.-M. Nicolas
    Monitoring temperate glacier with high resolution automated digital cameras: application to the Argentière glacier
    Photogrammetric Computer Vision and Image Analysis (PVC2010, Paris, France)
    proceeding of the conference
  118. D. Laffly, E. Bernard, M. Griselin, F. Tolle, J-M. Friedt, G. Martin and C. Marlin
    High temporal resolution monitoring of snow cover using oblique view ground-based pictures
    The 11th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium (Cambridge UK, Sept. 2010)
    Slides of the presentation
    Manuscript of an article published in the associated special issue of Polar Record Vol. 48, Num. 01, pp 11-16 (Jan. 2012), and final published version

  119. J-M. Friedt, F. Tolle, E. Bernard, M. Griselin, D. Laffly and C. Marlin
    Assessing the relevance of digital elevation models to evaluate glacier mass balance: application to Austre Lovénbreen (Spitsbergen, 79oN)
    The 11th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium (Cambridge UK, Sept. 2010)
    Slides of the presentation
    Manuscript of an article published in the associated special issue of Polar Record Vol. 48, Num. 01, pp 2-10 (Jan. 2012), and final published version

    Notwithstanding the assignment of copyright in their contribution, all contributors retain the following non-transferable rights: The right to post the definitive version of the contribution as published at Cambridge Journals Online (in PDF or HTML form) on their personal or departmental web page, no sooner than upon its appearance at Cambridge Journals Online, subject to file availability and provided the posting includes a prominent statement of the full bibliographical details, a copyright notice in the name of the copyright holder (Cambridge University Press or the sponsoring Society, as appropriate), and a link to the online edition of the journal at Cambridge Journals Online.
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    Development of libraries for radiofrequency instrumentation using FPGAs
    10eme Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (6-10/07/2010, Bordeaux, France)
  121. G. Goavec-Merou, J.-M Friedt
    Developing for Apple iPod under GNU/Linux
    10eme Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (6-10/07/2010, Bordeaux, France)
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    manuscript for the proceedings
    manuscript IEEE Trans. UFFC (2013) vol 60, num 6, 1219-1226 and proof of the document.
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    rejected 8th SENSYS (November 2010, Zurich Switzerland)
    rejected manuscript

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    A frequency modulated wireless interrogation system exploiting narrowband acoustic resonator for remote physical quantity measurement
    Rev. Sci Instrum. Vol 81, Issue 5, 056103 (2010)
    manuscript and supplementary material
    I am delighted to notice that AIP allows me to put a copy of the formatted article on my web site: "We are also pleased to send you a complimentary copy of your article in PDF form. Under AIP policy, you have the right to post this article on your personal web page or your employer's website, provided you include the appropriate copyright and a web link to AIP's official online abstract, as indicated by the URL above."
  125. G. Goavec-Merou, J.-M Friedt
    Etude d'un système d'exploitation pour microcontroleur faible consommation (TI MSP430) : pilote pour le stockage de masse au format FAT sur carte SD
    GNU/Linux Magazine France Hors Série 47 (Avril-Mai 2010), pp.58-77


  126. J.-M Friedt
    Controle d'instruments scientifiques : les protocoles GPIB, VXI11 et USBTMC
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 124, 26-39 (Férier 2010), pp.60-66
    Complément à l'article : lecture des traces sur un oscilloscope Tektronix TDS20xx. Les commandes GPIB ne sont pas documentées dans le manuel de l'utilisateur. J'ai testé la séquence suivant (lire voie 2)
    cat /dev/usbtmc0
    echo "*IDN?" > /dev/usbtmc1
    cat < /dev/usbtmc1
    echo "DATA:ENC ASCII" > /dev/usbtmc1
    echo "DATA:SOURCE CH2" > /dev/usbtmc1
    echo "CURVE?" > /dev/usbtmc1
    cat < /dev/usbtmc1 >> t
    cat < /dev/usbtmc1 >> t
    donne les coordonnées des pixels, qu'il faut convertir en tension par (la liste des commandes GPIB en japonais et un pilote Matlab pour ces oscilloscopes ) WFMPRE:YMULT? et WFMPre:YZERO?
  127. J.-M Friedt
    Tomtom Go : une plateforme pour l'acquisition sans fil de mesures géoreférencees
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 122, 26-39 (Décembre 2009)

  128. J.-M Friedt, C. Droit, G. Martin, and S. Ballandras
    A wireless interrogation system exploiting narrowband acoustic resonator for remote physical quantity measurement
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. vol. 81, 014701 (2010)
    erroneous assumption: I compute the bias using a parabolic fit on a BvD model, while the actual receiver stage of the SAW interrogation unit uses a logarithmic power detector (Analog Devices AD8362). Hence, the error between parabolic fit and "true" resonance shape should be performed on the log(BvD), not the BvD model itself.
  129. L. El Fissi, J.-M. Friedt, F. Chérioux, S. Ballandras
    Amine functionalized SU-8 layer guiding Love mode surface acoustic wave
    Sensors and Actuators B vol 144, issue 1 (January 2010), pp.23-26

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    manuscript of the article

  131. T. Rétornaz, J.-M. Friedt, G. Martin, S. Ballandras
    USRP and GNURadio for prototyping radiofrequency communication algorithms
    RMLL 2009
    Abstract and slides
  132. J.-M Friedt, G. Goavec-Merou
    Interfaces matérielles et OS libres pour Nintendo DS : DSLinux et RTEMS
    GNU/Linux Magazine France Hors Série 43, aout 2009
    exemple en espace utilisateur et exemples en espace noyau pour DSLinux, ainsi que quelques exemples pour RTEMS
    Un patch rtems_nds_wireless.patch pour rendre le wifi fonctionnel pour RTEMS 4.9.1 et 4.9.2
    A patch reorganizing a data structure in the NDS BSP of RTEMS 4.9.1 et 4.9.2 needed to make the wifi interface functional

    complements suite aux RMLL2009 : utilisation d'un eeePC701 en access point pour connexion directe DS-eeePC (explications de Fred. Tronel)

    slides de la présentation aux RMLL 2009 (Nantes)
    slides and article for Hacking at Random (HAR2009) discussing the same topic in English (YouTube video of the presentation).
  133. J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    Développement sur processeur à base de coeur ARM7 sous GNU/Linux
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 117 (Juin 2009), pp.40-59
    exemples associés à l'article (carte SD et format FAT, écran LCD, bases) + compression sans pertes au moyen de SLZW porté à l'ADuC7026.
    schéma et implémentation du circuit contenant un ADuC7026 et AD9954 (Eagle 4).
    update: binary archive of the gcc-4.3.3 toolchain which seems to have corrected the IRQ code generation bugs.

  134. J.-M Friedt, T. Rétornaz, G. Martin, T. Laroche, J.-P. Simonnet, É. Carry, S. Ballandras
    Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators as Passive Buried Sensors
    2009 EFTF/IFCS (Besançon, France, April 2009)
    slides of the presentation
    article for the proceedings . Warning: some mistakes in this paper, as was pointed out to us by a reviewer when submitting this paper for publication in IEEE Trans. Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Freq. Control: we model the propagation of the wave with a loss model following a 1/d2 law. This is wrong in the case of a radar, where the target acts as a point like source and hence only 1/d2 fraction of the energy reaching the target is used as the new source, yielding a 1/d4 behaviour (the classical radar equation). This analysis has been corrected in a version of the paper presented at Sensor Devices
    J.-M Friedt, T. Rétornaz, G. Martin, T. Laroche, S. Alzuaga, J.-P. Simonnet, É. Carry, S. Ballandras
    Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators as Passive Buried Sensors
    article for the proceedings .
    The First International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications -- SENSORDEVICES 2010 (Venice, Italy, July 2010)
  135. S. Guinot, J.-M Friedt
    GNU/Linux sur Playstation Portable
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 114 , Mars 2009, pp.30-40
    archive du bootloader (jeu PSP) pour firmware 1.50 (placer pspboot et pspboot% dans psp/game du MS, placer l'image compressée du noyau linux nommé vmlinux.bin dans eboot)
    un exemple de noyau fonctionnel
    slides and article for Hacking at Random (HAR2009) discussing the same topic in English.
  136. J.-M Friedt
    Affichage et traitement de données au moyen de logiciels libres
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, 111 (Dec. 2008)
    Circuit pour l'ecoute des chauves souris (Nouvelle Electronique Janvier 1996)
    Exemple de fichier son de sonar de chauve souris
    Données acquises avec le circuit précédent, modifié pour une bande passante de 50 kHz, et spectrogrammes résultant.
  137. J.-M Friedt
    Analyse des étiquettes d'identification par radiofréquence (RFID)
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, Hors Série 39 (Nov.-Dec. 2008)

  138. P.Sandoz, J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    Vibration amplitude of a tip-loaded quartz tuning fork during shear force microscopy scanning
    Rev. Sci. Instrum., vol 79, issue 8 (08/2008), p.086102, DOI: 10.1063/1.2965137
    proof of the article

  139. J. Garcia, J.-M Friedt
    Communication asynchrone et interface graphique portables sous Qt
    Hors série GNU/Linux Magazine France n.38 (08/2008)
    codes sources associés

  140. T. Rétornaz, J.-M Friedt
    Instrumentation scientifique reconfigurable
    Hors série GNU/Linux Magazine France n.38 (08/2008)
    codes sources associés (compteur réciproque et acquisition d'images depuis un capteur CMOS OV6620 sur Armadeus APF9328)
    Présentation Temps Frequence sur les compteurs FPGA et asservissement sur GPS
    Présentation orale aux Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (RMLL) 2008

  141. J.-M Friedt, G. Martin, S. Ballandras
    Wireless and Mobile Acoustic Sensor Interrogation for (Bio)Chemical Sensing and Industrial Control
    2008 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (Honolulu, USA, 18-21 May 2008)
    slides of the tutorial
  142. L. El Fissi, J-M. Friedt, S. Ballandras, L. Robert, F. Chérioux
    Acoustic characterization of thin polymer layers for Love mode surface acoustic waveguide
    2008 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (Honolulu, USA, 18-21 May 2008)
    manuscript and slides
  143. J.-M Friedt, C. Ferrandez, G. Martin, L. Moreau, M. Griselin,E. Bernard, D. Laffly, C. Marlin
    Automated high resolution image acquisition in polar regions
    12th Alpine Glaciological Meeting (Chamonix, France, 6-7 March 2008)
    European Geosciences Union (Vienna, Austria, 13-18 April 2008)
    Slides of the AGM presentation
    Poster of the AGM presentation
    Slides of the EGU presentation
    Abstract of the EGU presentation
  144. E. Mboungou, C. Mavon, J.-M. Friedt, C. Bergeon and M. Fromm
    Impact of Water Content on the Electrical Behavior of Epoxy Insulators
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    2007 IEEE Ultrasonic Symposium (New York, USA)
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    Frequency domain characterization of tuning-fork mechanical vibrations by vision and digital image processing
    American Journal of Physics, vol. 77, issue 1, (January 2009), pp.20-26
    Java software required for running the lab experiment (dual channel function generator using a PC sound card, running under Windows and GNU/Linux). Requires the additional installation of Jsyn available at for best performances.
    Demonstration routines for Matlab: run by executing Shift_demo.m.
  147. J.-M. Friedt, A. Masse, F. Bassignot
    Les microcontroleurs MSP430 pour les applications faibles consommations -- asservissement d'un oscillateur sur le GPS.
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 98 , October 2007
    archive des programmes contenus dans l'article

  148. Picture geopositioning and display in QGis
    J.-M. Friedt
    Géolocalistion de photographies numériques
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 96 , July/August 2007
    script photos_asc.php pour tracer un chemin et y ajouter les photos prises pendant le trajet -- mise à jour juillet 2014 pour API Google Maps v3.
    Conversion de nos trames GPS (corrompues) en GPX :
    grep -a ^\$GPGGA 070522short.nmea |grep -v $'\xff' | gpsbabel -i nmea,GPGGA=1,date=20070101 -f - -o gpx -F -
    Exemple1 : Paris
    Exemple2 : Nice
    Exemple3 : Besançon
    Exemple4 : RMLL07 (Amiens)
    Exemple5 : Spitsberg (Norway), including a trip to Kvadehuk (Sept. 2011) or another trip to Kvadehuk (Sept. 2013).
    I no longer use the Perl script which is no longer functional due to the loss of some of the modules used. exiftool provides all the needed functionalities for extracting picture position from an NMEA-formatted GPS log. As an example
    exiftool -geosync=-0:08:30 -geotag=GPS_logfile.nmea .
    will search for the timestamp (Date/Time Original) of each image and the associated position in the GPS record. I am confused with the timezone issue: in my example, GPS time 11:46:27 was matching EXIF creation date header 13:53:46 (more or less) and yet I must not include the two hour offset since my computer seems to be set to the French timezone (UTC+2). The time offset 8 min 30 sec was obtained by taking a picture of the GPS-synchronized clock at Besançon observatory.
  149. J.-M. Friedt, L. El Fissi, F. Chérioux, B. Guichardaz, V. Blondeau-Patissier, S. Ballandras
    Design and Use of Wafer Level Fluidic Packaging for Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors
    IFCS/EFTF, Geneva, Switzerland, May 29 - June 1, 2007
    article for the proceedings

  150. P. Sandoz, É. Carry, J.-M. Friedt, S. Ballandras
    Digital image processing for measuring 2D vibration amplitudes with subpixel resolution: application to the quartz tuning fork
    IFCS/EFTF, Geneva, Switzerland, May 29 - June 1, 2007
    article for the proceedings
    slides of the presentation
  151. P. Sandoz, J. M. Friedt, É. Carry,
    In-plane displacement measurement with sub-pixel resolution: application to vibration characterization of a shear-force scanning probe
    SPIE Europe Optical Metrology, Munich, Germany 17-21 June 2007
  152. G. Weisenhorn, E. Pamba Capo-Chichi, J.-M. Friedt
    Communications de données et d'images issues de la carte Fox par Bluetooth
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 95 , June 2007
    slides of the 2007 RMLL conference
  153. J.-M Friedt, C. Ferrandez, G. Martin, S. Guinot, É. Carry, P. Berthelot, M. Griselin
    Instrumentation pour l'acquisition automatique de données : application à la capture autonome d'images haute résolution
    Société Hydrotechnique de France (SHF), Section de Glaciologie-Nivologie
    Grenoble 15 et 16 mars 2007
    SHF, Grenoble 2007
    including the introduction by M. Griselin (>60 MB)
  154. J.-M Friedt
    Introduction à la programmation sur PlayStation Portable
    GNU/Linux Magazine France 92 , March 2007
    archive des logiciels présentés dans l'article

  155. J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    Introduction to the quartz tuning fork
    American Journal of Physics (May 2007), pp.415-422
    I have checked on a network analyzer that the 180 kHz torsional mode (Fig 2) is not observed on an actual tuning fork and is only visible in the model due to ideal electrode geometries which are not patterned practically: the fundamental (32768 Hz) and 3rd overtone (190 kHz) are well resolved though.
  156. P. Sandoz, J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    In-plane rigid-body vibration mode characterization with a nanometer resolution by stroboscopic imaging of a microstructured pattern
    Review of Scientific Instruments, vol 78, p.023706 (02/2007)

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    An autonomous sensor platform including a high resolution camera for harsh environments
    Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2006 (Nancy)
    transparents de la présentation

  158. J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    Prises de vues automatiques
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, Hors Série 27 (Octobre 2006)
    archive gphoto cross-compilee pour architecture CRIS , a placer sur cle USB pour carte FOX de ACME.

  159. J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    Acquisition et dissémination de trames GPS à des fins de cartographie libre
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, Hors Série 27 (Octobre 2006)
    Transparents de la présentation faite à Marmottux (2006) et à l'association Gulliver (Rennes, 16/10/2008).

    Le circuit électronique incluant le module GPS d'enregistrement des trames (256 heures d'autonomie mémoire, 20 heure d'autonomie en énergie sur 4 piles NiMH rechargeables) est décrit sur ce site
    archive des programmes pour ADuC814 et exploitations des donnees NMEA.
    Google Earth track example as obtained from my GPS receiver connecter to a MultiMediaCard (MMC), and panorama pictures taken during the trip in Grenoble, France . The same trip presented with the javascript Google Maps interface which does not require the (painful) installation of Google Earth under Linux: this HTML page generated using mostly sed commands and manual editing.
    Another example of GPS data processing using a generic KML to Google Maps interface walk near Orleans and in Paris .
    Rather than simply displaying the track one can encode a physical quantity in the color of the track, the following example encodes the velocity in the color of the line during a trip in the volcanos (center of France) . The kml file (Google Earth) of the volcano track is also available for comparison.
    Finally a direct NMEA to Google Maps interface for displaying this short walk next to the Loire river (France) (and the original NMEA file for generating this path).

  160. L. Francis, J.-M. Friedt, C. Zhou, P. Bertrand
    In situ evaluation of density, viscosity and thickness of adsorbed soft layers by combined surface acoustic wave and surface plasmon resonance
    Analytical Chemistry 2006; vol. 78(12) (2006), pp. 4200-4209. DOI: ac051233h
    arXiv cond-mat/0311660
    link to ACS web site (requires a subscription)
  161. J.-M. Friedt, L. El Fissi,L. Robert, G. Martin, W. Daniau, S. Ballandras
    Capteurs autour des ondes de Love
    8ème Congrès Français d'Acoustique), 24-27 April 2006 (Tours, France)
    article and slides of the presentations (in French)
  162. S. Guinot, J.-M Friedt
    Stockage de masse non-volatile : un block device pour MultiMediaCard
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, Hors Série 25 (Avril 2006)
    archive of all Coldfire 5282 QSPI modules for MMC management for uClinux and SPI emulation on a PC parallel port.
    PCB of the MMC to PC parallel port adapter. References on the PCB are from Farnell France (4/4/2006)
    Complement to the article: rather than powering the circuit from the PS2 port as presented in the manuscript, we also powered the circuit from a USB port by connecting the two sidemost pins which provide the ground and +5V signals. The PCB also uses an MMC connector rather than an ISA connector.

  163. S. Guinot, J.-M Friedt
    La réception d'images météorologiques issues de satellites : utilisation d'un système embarqué
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, Hors Série 24 (Février 2006)
    archive of all Coldfire 5282 QADC modules for uClinux and some sample programs.

  164. J.-M Friedt, S. Guinot
    La réception d'images météorologiques issues de satellites : principes de base
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, Hors Série 24 (Février 2006)
    digital version of the images presented in this article

  165. J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    Enregistrement de trames GPS -- développement sur microcontroleur 8051/8052 sous GNU/Linux
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, vol 81 (Février 2006)
    Software archive for programming and using the ADuC814+MMC+GPS receiver (9600 bauds)

  166. J.-M Friedt, S. Guinot
    Programmation et interfacage d'un microcontroleur par USB sous linux : le 68HC908JB8
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, Hors Série vol 23 (November/Décembre 2005)
    manuscript and associated archive including all 68HC908JB8 related software and programming tools. The PCB layout ( Eagle file) for the final board used in this project.

  167. J.-M Friedt, S. Guinot
    Introduction au Coldfire 5282
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, vol 75 (September 2005)

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    RADECS 2005, Cap d'Agde, France, (19-23 September 2005)
    article in the proceedings
  169. J.-M. Friedt, L. A. Francis, S. Ballandras
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    2005 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (UFFC), Rotterdam, The Netherlands (18-21 September 2005)
    article for the proceedings
    slides of the presentation

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    Design of Asynchronous STW Resonators for Filters and High Stability Source Applications
    2005 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (UFFC), Rotterdam, The Netherlands (18-21 September 2005)
    article for the proceedings
    slides of the presentation

  171. J.-M Friedt, S. Guinot
    Introduction to uClinux: low cost embedded-device development environments
    What the Hack, Liempde, The Netherlands (5-9 July 2005)
    talk (424 MB !)

  172. J.-M Friedt, S. Guinot
    Introduction to uClinux: low cost embedded-device development environments
    6eme Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre, Dijon, France (5-9 July 2005)
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    proof of the article

  174. J.-M Friedt, S. Guinot, É. Carry
    Introduction au Coldfire 5272
    GNU/Linux Magazine France, vol 73 (June 2005) pp.26-33
    manuscript and English translation (with some errors corrected)
    A couple of posters in French and in English summarising the same results.
  175. J.-M Friedt, É. Carry
    Introduction au diapason à quartz
    Bulletin de l'Union des Physiciens (December 2005)

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    article for the proceedings
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    Proof of the article
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    Langmuir, Vol. 20, n. 14, pp. 5870-5878 (June 2004)
    Proof of the article
    error: E. Gizeli mentioned to me an error whose exact expression I cannot remember. I believe this document states that the acoustic losses in an organic layer is independent on the thickness, while the loss should be related to the layer thickness as later stated by L. Francis and al. (whether the viscoelastic or gravimetric effect is predominant is related to the loss/phase shift ratio, not the insertion loss itself).
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    poster (best student poster award)

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    article for the proceedings
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    rejected from Sensors and Actuators A and Applied Optics

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    arXiv physics/0307122
    proof of the article

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    article (in French)
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    manuscript (April 2004)
    proof of the article
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    Analytical Chemistry 2003; 75(24); 6894-6900 (DOI: ac0346609)

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    arXiv cond-mat/0307105
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    Journal of the Electrochemical Society October 2003 -- Volume 150, Issue 10, pp. H229-H234

    final article
    12/2013: possible mistake pointed out by H. Perrot (LISE, UPMC) in my assumption that copper sulfate reduction is 100% efficient. He points out that I should have used a Cu counter electrode to keep the concentration of copper ions constant, and a Pt reference electrode (or even better, a true reference electrode, but that was hardly feasible in the allocated space).
  191. J.-M. Friedt, Q. Le Masne, N. Coq, M. Myotte
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    manuscript (in French)
    article (in French)
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    preprint (in French) (color pictures)
    article (in French)

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    QCM2002, Brighton, UK (24th-25th July 2002)
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    Simultaneous amplitude and frequency noise analysis in Chua's circuit
    International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (IJBC) in Applied Sciences and Engineering Vol 13, No 8, pp2301-2308 (August 2003)

    A few more pictures of the evolution of the amplitude return map with increasing value of the inductor, obtained after the paper was accepted for publication: graph 1 and graph 2 . Also a picture of the experimental setup
  195. K. H. Choi, J.-M Friedt, F. Frederix, ...
    Simultaneous Atomic Force Microscope and Quartz Crystal Microbalance Measurement
    Applied Physics Letters (Vol 81, No 7, 12 Aug 2002)


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    49th AVS meeting (November 4-8, 2002, Denver, Colorado)

    JVST A (Vol 21, Issue 4, July-Aug. 2003, p.1500)
    proof of the article
    electronic circuit of the potentiostat used in this work

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    Simultaneous Atomic Force Microscope and Quartz Crystal Microbalance measurements: interactions and displacement field of a QCM
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (Vol 41, No 6A (June 2002), pp.3974-3977)

    A small tutorial on modulef I wrote while performing the simulation presented in this article.
  199. J.-M. Friedt, K.-H. Choi, F. Frederix, L. Francis, A. Campitelli, G. Borgs
    Simultaneous AFM and QCM measurements: application to the adsorption of proteins on metallic surfaces,
    IVth Annual Linz Winter Workshop, Linz, Austria (February 1st-4th 2002)

  200. Projet Aurore
    Films accélérés : méthodes d'acquisition et traitements
    Bulletin de l'Union de Physiciens n.842 (Mars 2002), p.543

    preprint (in French) (color pictures)
    article (in French)

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    Micro-nanomanipulation à distance avec rétroaction visuelle et tactile sous MEB par utilisation d'un levier d'AFM piézorésistif [in French]
    NMT (2000)

    article (in French)
  202. Lancer d'un ballon sonde
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    article (in French)
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    VIII. Van Der Ziel symposium on quantum 1/f noise ..., St. Louis, Missouri, USA (5-6 Juin 2000)
  206. Jean-Michel Friedt, Michel Planat
    Mesures instantanées en fréquence et en amplitude dans le circuit de Chua
    Rencontre du non-linéaire 2000 (Paris, France)
    abstract (French)
    poster (French)
    article (in French)
  207. Jean-Michel Friedt, Daniel Gillet✝, Michel Planat
    Simultaneous amplitude and frequency noise analysis in Chua's circuit
    14th EFTF, Turin, Italie (14-16 Mars 2000)
    All data (signal period and amplitude) obtained from my implementation of Chua's circuit and used in these articles are available upon request to